What is Linguadviser?

Linguadviser is a search engine and comparator of language schools. With Linguadviser, students can easily find the academy that best suits their needs. What makes us unique is that we take into account the ratings and opinions of the students to optimize our recommendations.

If you have a language school, with Linguadviser you can position yourself according to your merits. We know how difficult – and expensive – it can be to appear in the first page of Google results. In Linguadviser, the quality that you offer to your students is what will make you climb positions.

In addition, you will specifically attract the type of student you have specialized in. In Linguadviser we take the student that you want to the school that you are.

How does it work?

At Linguadviser we have information from most language schools in Spain. Thanks to this, Linguadviser users can search for schools according to different criteria: location, course types and price range. You will see that the types of course are organized by the number of weekly hours offered, and whether they are aimed at children and young people or adults. In this way, it is easier for the user to find the type of course they are looking for. Once the users have entered the search criteria, they will appear the schools that offer the desired course, sorted by relevance.

That relevance is given by the assessment of students who have passed through your school. They can rate these categories: general service, teachers, facilities, student care, grammar and conversation. Once their stay is over, students can value and comment on their experience and thus help other future students.

Depending on the stars given in the ratings, and the number of users who value your academy, you will be climbing positions in the ranking of your city.

What problems does it solve?

For language schools it is difficult and expensive to get good positioning in search engines like Google. In addition, that positioning is based largely on the amount of money invested in advertising and SEO, so that schools of good quality but with fewer resources do not have the visibility they deserve. On the other hand, agencies that get students for the schools charge commissions that almost ends with the profit.

For students, the process of finding the school that best suits their needs is long and complicated. It is not always the specific service that the student seeks to match completely with the one hired, and this leads to the loss of time and money.

With Linguadviser, the schools best valued by the users are those that get more relevant. In addition, the assessment and feedback system of alumni allows future students to find exactly the schools and the course that best meets their needs.

How do I register?

  1. Go to our website www.linguadviser.com.
  2. Enter the tab Are you a school? From there you can make a listing for your company or, if a tab already exists, manage it directly.
  3. Once you have contacted us, we will send you an email to verify that you are the owner or responsible of your company, and then you can access the profile of your school. From it, you can fill in or modify the information about your academy: logo, course offer, price, location and contact.
  4. Encourage your students to rate and comment on your school at Linguadviser.
  5. And if you want to improve your visibility and relevance, we help you with the School Plus and School Pro plans.

In the form of School Plus, in addition to the basic information, you will be able to show the official exams you prepare, the accreditations you possess and the extra services you offer. You will also receive data, metrics and statistical studies on the searches and needs of users, as well as assistance to know and apply what your future students value most.

In the form of School Pro, you will have all the previous functions and you will have a special profile that stands out on the rest. We will also do an exclusive report for our blog and social networks, which will help you gain visibility and positioning in other search engines.

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