Your Familiy in Madrid: accomodation for international students in Spain

Your Family in Madrid is a small company, created and managed by Françoise Canet, a French woman who has been in Spain for 10 years.
Located in Madrid, this small company is dedicated to offering accommodation in host families in Madrid capital and surroundings, for students or travelers who need to stay for stays of several weeks to several months in the Spanish capital. Their customers are mostly French, but also Dutch, Italian, Belgian and American.

Family accommodation is for students and individual travelers as well as for school groups, the best way to improve in Spanish and discover the reality and culture of Madrid. The founder of the company, Françoise, has a very personal and exclusive relationship with the families with whom she works, and this personalized treatment is the key to her success: she knows how to fit the guest’s profile, her preferences with the family proposes It has been in this sector for 6 years, and it has an extensive database in order to respond to all customer expectations. In addition, most families work with her from the beginning of this little adventure, thus forming a real big family in Madrid.


Françoise has traveled a lot since her childhood, for family matters or for studies.

After teaching Spanish for 8 years in France in public institutes, where he has always promoted mobility with his students organizing many language trips, decided to settle in Spain to devote himself completely to this last professional sector.
Of course, being a former teacher, Françoise continues to work with numerous colleges and institutes, and proposes full stays, with leisure and cultural activities, visits and excursions, Spanish lessons, dance or music classes for their annual school trips. The programs of activities are made a la carte, according to the pedagogical project of each organizing teacher and to correspond to the profile of the students and thus guarantee the success of the trip.

You can contact Your Family in Madrid here.


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